Crossword Puzzle by Sarah Swain

12 Mar

Crossword Puzzle by Sarah Swain


Crossword Answer Key by Sarah Swain

12 Mar



1.     PARIS—Where Victor and his father stop on their journey to Geneva

7.     HORRIFIED—How Victor feels about his monster immediately upon bringing him to life after years of hard work.

8.     MONTANVERT—Glacier tipped mountain that Victor climbs in hopes of lifting his spirits

10.   VICTOR—The monster’s proclaimed, (but not actual) slave

11.   SCARLETFEVER—Victor’s mother died from this

14.   NORTHPOLE—Walton’s ultimate ship-bound destination

15.   WEDDING—The event that Elizabeth held on the same night as her death

18.   SAFIE—Woman who, by observation, puts the idea of a female companion into the monsters head

21.   EXECUTION—Punishment for William’s murder

22.   GALVANISM—Electrical science that Victor studied and used to bring his monster to life.

23.   SAVILLE—Married name of the sister that Walton writes to in the letters that open and close the story

25.   ELIZABETH—Victor’s deceased wife




2.     SHELLEY—Author, Mary

3.     KIRWIN—Town judge that suspicious townspeople take Victor to immediately upon reaching shore on his journey home from Scotland.

4.     ROBERT—First name of the captain that took Victor aboard.

5.     LANGUAGE—What the monster learns from his neighbors

6.     CLERVAL—Surname of elated friend of Victor who nursed him back to health in Ingolstadt, and accompanied him to Scotland.

9.     PRISON—Where Victor ends up ill for two months upon finding out about Henry’s death.

12.   LONELINESS—Overall reason for both the monster, and Victor’s depression.

13.   FIREWOOD—What the monster retrieves for his penniless neighbors

16.   JUSTINE—Character accused of murdering William

17.   ORKNEYS—Island cluster that Victor stays on while creating (and then destoying) a female companion for the monster

19.   KREMPE—Victor’s natural philosophy professor

20.   PARADISELOST—Book that the monster relates too, and quotes when speaking to Victor about a companion.

24.   ALPHONSE—Victor’s father



Elizabeth’s death bed on her Wedding Night -Savanah Davies

12 Mar

Elizabeth's death bed on her Wedding Night

“This letter revived in my memory what I had before forgotten, the threat of the fiend–“I WILL BE WITH YOU ON YOUR WEDDING-NIGHT!” Such was my sentence, and on that night would the daemon employ every art to destroy me and tear me from the glimpse of happiness which promised partly to console my sufferings.” –Victor Frankenstein


Robert Walton Yearning for a friend -Savanah Davies

12 Mar

Robert Walton Yearning for a friend

“I have no friend, Margaret: when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate my joy; if I am assailed by disappointment, no one will endeavour to sustain me in dejection.” —Robert Walton


Justine’s body after her trial -Savanah Davies

12 Mar

Justine's body after her trial.

“And on the morrow Justine died. Elizabeth’s heartrending eloquence failed to move the judges from their settled conviction in the criminality of the saintly sufferer.” –Victor Frankenstein


Victor Creating “The Monster” -Savanah Davies

12 Mar

” Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world.” — Victor Frankenstein

Advice Column by Brianna Labrash

12 Mar

Dear to Whom it May Concern,
I am writing because my relationship with my creator is not as productive as I wish it to be. We never really got along and he never acknowledged me as his responsibility. He never really took care of me or nurtured me, as a father should nurture his son. I want to know how I can improve my relationship with him, because he is the only family I have. I don’t have any friends and just having him love me and be my friend would give my lonely life meaning. I have been chased away by humanity many times before, and have been hurt by the ones I loved and cared for. I have already tried to reason with him and show him that I am capable of love but he has denied my offers. I have sadly lost my temper with him on occasion especially when he broke a promise to help me get a mate. I then threatened him in order to get what I wanted from him, I know it was wrong it’s just I cannot stand seeing him so happy while I am so miserable. I really wish to repair our relationship, and now I come to you asking, is there any advice you can give a miserable wretch like me.

Sincerely, Creature

Dear Creature,

I have read your letter and I do have advice for you. First and foremost you should seek some anger management to control your rage. Second of all, you cannot control anyone’s feelings and actions besides your own. My advice for you is to continue trying to befriend by acts of kindness, and avoid any threats. Hopefully your father, or as you stated in your letter your “creator”, will find out you are not an enemy but a friend. Once again the only one whose feelings and actions you can control are your own, and if he stays distant and angry it’s his loss not yours. Remember every one has self worth and that includes you. Go out make some friends and I’m sure you can find someone who will not judge you for your outward appearance but for the gentle person you are. Don’t be afraid to get out there and make friends just because you were hurt before doesn’t mean you will be hurt every-time you try to make friends.